When I had my first child, the hospital room had a sitz bath.  I had NEVER heard of a SITZ BATH but they suggested I try it and I'm glad I did.  It's my belief it helped move my recovery forward.  While most homes do not come equipped with specific sitz baths, a soak in the tub with this tea bath blend is now my suggestion after a delivery (cannot be used if delivery was via C-Section).  Toss a bag into bath filled with hot water and let it steep with calendula, chamomile, himalayan sea salt, lavender, plaintain, rose and yarrow until a comfortable temperature.   A little recovery moment never felt so good.  So, take that moment, Momma, to enjoy a warm herbal tea bath.    Order includes 3 .02-oz tea bags.


"I used the sitz bath after my delivery and I feel like it helped my healing process.  The service that has been provided to me is also excellent!"  RSS, Texas

Momma's Moment Tea Bath Blend

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  • To use:  toss one tea bag into tub filled with hot water and allow to steep 10 minutes or until water is cool enough to personal preference.  Relax and soak as long as comfortable.  Order includes three .02-oz tea bags.

    Ingredients:  Calendula, chamomile,  himalayan sea salt, lavender, plaintain, rose and yarrow

    Precautions:  do not use if delivery involved C-Section


    Shelf Life:  6-8 months