As the first herbal gift I ever made for my very first grand-daughter, this balm remains close to hand when skin needs a little nurturing due to redness or irritation, particularly the diaper area.  If there was one item I wish I had when my first was a baby--this is it!!  Kiwi fruit!!  I gave him too much (because he loved it) but the price was a diaper area red as a fire engine!  Formulated with herbs chosen especially for babies and there skin, caregivers simply clean the diaper area and apply a nice layer over any redness or irritated skin.  Diaper up and good to go!  This may need to be applied regularly, but you can choose.


"Takes the redness out." CS, Texas

"My husband and I love the Bum Balm.  It works sooo quickly and it doesn't small bad.  It works better than anything I've every used."  RSS, Texas

Honey's Baby Bum Balm

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  • As everything at Honey's is made fresh and kept as organic as possible, the shelf life is one-two months.  As this is the case, we offer 1-oz tins.  A little goes a long way!


    Beeswax, calendula, chamomile and marshmallow root, organic olive oil


    Shelf Life:  3-6 months