Growing up in Arizona, I learned to live with "dry" heat--which translates in to dry skin.  When I formulated and started making this body lotion, problem solved!  After a move to Minnesota we experienced not year-round dry heat but frigid, drying winters and this body lotion soothed and nourished--once again, problem solved!  I recently took a trip back to Arizona and as I was carrying my luggage on, couldn't take my own 16-ounce bottle of body lotion with me.  It was a long, dry week using a bottle I picked up at the store.  Personally, I think it's worth paying the extra money and the slight hassle of checking my bags rather than go without Honey's Body Lotion. 


Our simples smell just as the label says.  Barefoot in the Sun is my very favorite of all the Signature blends:  honeysuckle, vanilla and a few other essential oils it is reminiscent of my summers with Nana on the farm.  The Great MN Road Trip is a nod to the Spring, Summer and Fall months spent visiting various places throughout the western side of Minnesota one year:  black pepper and pine being two of the essential oils in the blend.  In creating Butterfly Garden, I imagined a place during Spring where pollenators would love to spend time: gardenia being prominent with other balancing essential oil.  Winter Still was created with Winter Solstice in mind:  spearmint and frankincense lending a feeling of quiet and contemplation. 


"We really love to use the lotion after our daughter bathes!  It always leaves her skin feeling super soft and smelling so good!  I've even used it on my face and it leaves it feeling sooo good!"  RSS, Texas

Honey's Body Lotion

  • Made with calendula, marshmallow root, nettle, red clover blossoms, rosehips and rosemary, grapeseed, olive and essential oils.


    4-ounce bottle


    Shelf Life:  3-4 months