With Spring comes new life all around us!  And the return of hardworking pollinators like honeybees or the dreaded what's-their-purpose scorpion.  People are out enjoying the sunshine and activites that may drive objects like splinters or stickers into the skin.  And where things get under your skin--Honey's Drawing Salve comes to the rescue.  Let me give you an example.  When we were living in our native state of Arizona, we referred to my husband as The Scorpion King.  Why?  Every summer those darn scorpions would find him and tag him.  Four people living in the same house but HE was the one tagged.  Oh, the pain!!  He would grab the tin of Drawing Salve, apply to the tag site and cover.  The process was repeated a few hours later, if he thought about it but generally he didn't need to.  He, of all people, has been the most grateful for Honey's Drawing Salve as it pulls out what has gotten under your skin--should that be a human being, well, you'll have to work that out on your own.



Honey's Drawing Salve

SKU: 20190106
  • Spread small amount on skin area (rashes, bites and sting areas, splinters, etc).  Not for use on deep, open wounds.  Cover with bandage.  Change every few hours.  1-oz tin.


    Made with calendula, lavender, plaintain, yarrow, activated charcoal, Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, raw honey, shea butter and olive oil


    Shelf Life:  3-6 months