An especially lovely balm made entirely of rose petals infused in hemp and grapeseed oil.  As a swim team coach, I spent HOURS barefooted, pacing alongside the pool during Arizona summers.  Even now, I may not be coaching or spending hours by a pool but I do run around barefooted all summer so find I my heels still need a little extra attention.  And winter!!  Winter in Minnesota can be harsh.  I like to massage this into my heels before putting on my shoes or just before bed.  Who doesn't like a foot massage to end the day?  I'll also gently work it in around the eyes and on the throat.  Elbows, yep!  Anywhere you experience dry and cracked skin.  A light scent of rose adds a little extra wellness when it comes to your skin--from head to toe.

Honey's Head to Heel Balm

SKU: 20190105
  • Beeswax, coconut, grapeseed and hemp oils, rose petals and essential oil

    1 ounce tin