Let me share a story or two about Honey's Aching Muscle & Joint Salve.  My father-in-law is 90 years old.  He still gets up early to go running 5 miles a day.  First of all, when I run a block, my muscles SCREAM at me so I would be impressed with a one-mile run.  This is his go-to when those muscles are strained and sore.  It's my husbands after he has really gone all out in the gym.  Our 16-year old daughter loves this after a hard swim practice.  It's mine after working in the yard all day moving soil or planters.  Or spraining an ankle in the process of building a pallet wood deck.


While it is wonderful on aching muscles, it's a salve many use when their joints are aching...growth spurt.  Sure thing!!  Arthritis flare up.  You got it!!  Due to it warming, stimulating actions, comfort and ease is not hard to find.


Make it your go - to...too!

It could be your go-to also!!

Honey's Aching Muscles & Joint Salve

SKU: 20190103
  • Made with peppermint, ginger and sodium bicarbonate, as well as other organic ingredients to create a balm worth working into your muscles.  To use:  gently massage into muscles that have been pushed beyond their normal limit.

    1-ounce tin