I have a brilliant bald-headed husband!  I can count on him banging his head and splitting it open at least once a year.  That smarts!!  I smear a bit of this balm on the gash and cover it for him.  He says the pain and bleeding are quick to stop and in just a very short time he feels brilliant again.  We have pictures to show but take our word for it.  Additionally, if I've lost my focus around the oven and inflicted what would normally be a burn to raise the roof--after using this balm, the pain is gone and I never even scar.  I know "never" is a very general term but I NEVER get more than slightly pink once I have taken care to apply.  


We can all use a little care when we've cut or burned ourselves.  "... the point is that your balm heals and calms wounds faster and better than Neosporin. That’s a victory to me!"  (SP, Arizona) I'm not sure I could give a better endorsement than that!  Add to your first aid kit or carry it around in your purse--ready to go when a little extra care is needed.

Honey's Wound & Burn Balm

SKU: 20190107
  • Beeswax, calendula, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, lavender, nettle, olive oil, plantain, shea butter and yarrow flowers.  1-oz tin


    Shelf Life 3-6 months