AW, Arizona

Birth and delivery can be rough on both mommy and baby. Knowing what to use for recovery afterwards can be overwhelming. Having natural and herbal remedies gave me peace of mind. Lark's products are so well thought out and out together. You can tell she cares very much about those who receive her hand made packages. Would definitely recommend purchasing some of her products for a new mommy to be and am looking forward for other reasons to shop her stock!

A&HJ, Utah 

Our baby girl had really bad rashes and Baby Bum Balm worked perfectly to soothe her pain and allow the rash to heal. The sitz was wonderfully relaxing during those first few days after labor. Every new mother deserves a nice relaxing bath. 

KB, Oregon

I love Honey's Baby Bum Balm!  We have used it since my daughter was born 18 months ago, but until recently she hasn't had very bad cases of diaper rash.  We continue to use the Balm because it is so effective and most importantly, easy to apply!  I've tried many other diaper rash creams and the mess alone is enough to convince me to get out  Honey's instead.  Using it gives me peace of mind knowing that the ingredients are all natural and safe for my sweet baby.  Thank you!